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01. ARI-C-56733 updated report


IIC Was established at the institute named MODEL MAHILA COLLEGE KHARSAWAN on 11th Sep. 2020. This is the first year of the implementation of IIC at the institute. The institute is located in the SERAIKELA-KHARSAWAN district of Jharkhand. The institute is a non-technical institute running classes especially of arts graduate. IIC was established with a vision to provide a platform for non-technical UG (Under graduate) students. As the name of the institute suggests this college is exclusively for women candidates is established in 4th February 2016 with a view to provide higher education to women even at the remotest location of Jharkhand. IIC is one of the initiatives of central government to bring enlightenment to the higher institute regarding online teaching learning method. Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) has established IIC to systematically foster the culture of innovation of amongst all higher education institutes. Keeping in view the above mentioned agenda proposed by MHRD the institute /College Model Mahila College,Kharsawan has implemented different functions under IIC. During the institutes journey of a year it was missioned to encourage creative energy of our student population to work on ideas and innovation that can promote and provide to create startups and entrepreneurial ventures. The institute within its capacity has tried on creating complete ecosystem which will foster the culture of innovation amongst the students. The first major steps towards innovation were started with the webinar on the “Toycathon” by the college. The notice for the toycathon program was announced on 13th Jan’2021. The webinar was based on the joint initiation of ministry of education and Ministry of women child development which was launched on 5th Jan 2021. This toycathon focused to crowd sources innovative ideas for the toys and games based on Indian traditional culture and civilization. Toycathon focused mainly on nine different subject encompassing Indian history Moral and Cultural values. The main concern was to bring forth the indigenous sports that reflect the cultural and local identity of different state of India. The student of the college participated in this webinar and also proposed few games that exemplify the local values and culture associated with Indian traditional values. This toycathon motivated students deeply as this was the first event organized by the institute within IIC. The act like toycathon webinar generated self-confidence and appreciation amongst students about their local cultures and knowledge. The college student’s participated actively. Barsa Sathua has presented the idea of a game “char chouke solah” Nikita Prusti has presented a game named “Khel ghar ghar ka” and Sapna Modak “Aao seekhe khel mein” .All these ideas were very innovative and new in their own way ,since this was the first year of the establishment of IIC at the institute, we lacked in making proto type of three dimensioned models on these ideas presented by students .Students being locked in the remote area of Seraikela Kharsawan district of Jharkhand, they were thoughtfully equipped but technical temperament thus lacked in making the model. The different departments of the college are trying their best to promote students about IIC and its importance .Any representation from industry has not taken place yet but it is an important agenda of the institute for the near future. The institute innovation cell has organized another webinar on “Innovation and its paradigms” on 23rd June 2021.The different department of the institute has proposed the concept of innovation in today’s world. All members were present during the webinar .The students participated actively and have imbibed the concept of innovation. B.Brief mention of key functionaries at the IIC institute. President Dr Sparkleen Dei,Prof In-Charge of the institute is the president of IIC . Vice president Dr.Manisha Acharya ,former CEO of Indigram Lab, Delhi ,external member. Convenor The Convenor is Miss Manisha Birua from Department of Geography .She inspires and coordinates group members in organizing activities and event Coordinators Dr.Sparkleen dei,the coordinator and Dr Ruchika tiwary and Mrs.Champa Paul are sub coordinator. The coordinators help in performing specialized task and managing students and teams from different department so that the project in consideration can be completed within stipulated time frame.
C.Portfolio/representation of resource strength (Human capital and physical capital) of the IIC institution
Total number of IIC members -9 members
Total no. of IAs -01
Total no. of faculty mentors portal-02
Pre-incubation units ,if any No
Incubation units ,if any No
IP facilitation unit ,if any No
D.Highlight Facilities, Infrastructure of Pre-Incubation & Incubation kind and Student bodies/clubs engaged in promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the campus. As this institute is a non-technical college and this is the very first year of the IIC, there is no such IP facilitation unit. We celebrated world entrepreneurs day on 27-08-2021.41 Students participated on essay competition on Entrepreneurs.
E. Highlight achievements (Narrative /graphical/tabular representation) Number and different type of I&E and IPR activities generated. The motivation webinars for innovation was conducted among students and faculty members. .No. of students & faculty ideas generated - Total three students have generated ideas on different types of sports & games during the Toycathon series. They have presented ideas how to develop models from the tradition and indigenous games. .No.of students & faculty Innovation/Proto types developed. Not yet any .No. of IPS generated published and granted. Not yet any. .No.of students and faculty startups/ventures established. Not yet any .Amount spent on promotion and awareness generation on innovations, star ups and IPR. Not yet any .No.of technology transfer and commercialization happened Not yet any F.Highlight few best IIC faculty/student members and their achievements/Rewarded for the innovation at different forum. No yet any
G.Highlight selected best Innovations & images with mention of inventor/innovation name Games of Barsa Sathua-“char chouke solah”(by college level) H.. Highlight selected start-ups established by students/faculties with mention of founder/cofounder name Not yet any
I. List if any break through Innovations / Technology Developed at the institute (2-3 technology with 2-3 lines about technology and innovation Not yet any J. Participation of IIC-institute in various programs of Central and Stage Govt. Highlighting specially for the schemes or programs ARIIA- A special session and orientation which was organized on18th March 2021 from11:00AM onwards has been attended. The date for the ranking process to participate has also been uploaded on 18th March 2021. . NISP Adoption status- Trained faculty, policy formulation ,policy implementation NISP adoption &policy formulation process is under process at university level of the institute in 2021.Formation of expert committee at HEI level on 14/08/2021. .Smart India Hackathon etc.- Our students have participated at MIC driven activity like toycathon promoting the rural games. .K. Detail of Social Media connections of IIC Institute Twitter- @MKharsawan L. Testimonials from IIC members and external about IIC institute and IIC of MoE’s Innovation Cell. Establishment Certificate of IIC. .IA training certificate foundation leve

N. contact
Model Mahila College, Kharsawan (Near Arjun Vatika) P.O- Kharsawan Dist- Seraikela- Kharsawan State- Jharkhand PIN-833216 Phone no.-860316569